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This project aims to empower women in rural communities within Edo State by providing access to vocational training and skill development opportunities. Through the establishment of Women’s Skill Acquisition Centres, women will gain the knowledge and tools needed to enhance their livelihoods, contribute to their families’ well-being, and drive economic growth in their communities.

Key Objectives

Capacity Building: Provide women with the skills and training necessary to engage in income-generating activities.
Economic Empowerment: Support women in establishing small businesses, increasing their financial independence, and reducing poverty.
Community Development: Create centers of entrepreneurship and innovation within rural areas, stimulating local economies.
Gender Equality: Address gender disparities by providing women with equal opportunities for economic participation.

Expected Outcomes

Increased Income: Women will earn higher incomes, improving their standard of living.
Entrepreneurship: Rise in women-owned businesses within rural communities.
Community Resilience: Stronger local economies and reduced poverty levels.
Leadership Development: Empowerment of women to take on leadership roles within their communities.