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We Are Champions of Quality Education

The Directorate of Educational Quality and Accountability (DEQA) plays a vital role in shaping the future of Edo State. We are a dedicated team committed to ensuring every learner, regardless of their background or needs, receives a high-quality education that unlocks their full potential.

We also ensure accountability in both public and private schools, holding them to consistent and transparent standards. Through regular assessments, audits, and feedback mechanisms, we promote an environment where educational institutions are motivated to maintain and exceed established benchmarks. Our commitment to accountability fosters a culture of excellence and integrity, ultimately contributing to the holistic development and success of students across the state.

Our Vision

Our vision is to prioritize children and learners, champion independence, embrace evidence-led practices, and uphold accountability and transparency in our pursuit of excellence in education.

Our Mission

We work tirelessly to elevate educational standards across all sectors in Edo State:

Our Mission in Action

We work tirelessly to elevate educational standards across all sectors in Edo State:

Rigorous Inspections: Our inspectors thoroughly assess public and private schools, adult education programs, and vocational training centers. We identify strengths, areas for improvement, and ensure compliance with established standards.

Promoting Accountability: We collaborate with educators, administrators, and stakeholders to foster a culture of accountability throughout Edo State’s education system. Our goal is to ensure every institution prioritizes student success.

Data-Driven Improvement: Our comprehensive reports provide valuable insights that help schools, the Ministry of Education, and the wider community make informed decisions to enhance learning outcomes.

Transparent Communication: We believe in open dialogue. We actively share our findings and work closely with stakeholders to address challenges and celebrate achievements.

Our Guiding Principles

Student-First Approach: The needs of learners are at the heart of everything we do.

Independence: We provide objective assessments to drive continuous improvement.

Evidence-Based Practices: Our work is grounded in data and proven educational strategies.

Accountability: We hold ourselves and the institutions we assess to the highest standards.

Transparency: Open communication builds trust and collaboration.

DEQA is dedicated to ensuring a world-class education for all learners in Edo State. We invite you to learn more about our initiatives, access our reports, and partner with us to shape the future of education.